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Avoiding Credit Repair Scams

A poor credit rating can prevent you from obtaining a car loan or mortgage. It can also force you into credit card with a high interest rate and low credit limit. In an effort to raise their credit ratings, some people turn to credit repair and credit counseling services. These agencies promise to improve people’s credit scores for a monthly fee or for removing a particular item from a credit report.

Though they may deliver results temporarily, credit repair services provide poor value for their customers. Usually, what they accomplish becomes undone after only a few months. The customer’s credit score then returns to the level where it was before.

We Can Remove Inaccurate Information From Your Credit Report — At No Cost To You.

Sanders Law Group is a consumer protection law firm that helps people remove inaccurate information from their credit reports. We don’t charge any fee at all for this service. Instead, we make the credit reporting agencies pay compensation to our clients, as well as our attorney fees.

Learn more about the basics of credit reporting, and then call us at (800) 979-3707 for a free consultation. We can tell you more about avoiding credit repair scams and provide you with a free credit report analysis.

Think Twice Before Using A Credit Repair Agency

Credit repair agencies advertise heavily on late night TV, talk radio and the Internet. The costs of that advertising fall on their customers. Some of the other drawbacks of using a credit repair service include the following:

They deliver temporary results — A credit repair agency may succeed in removing an incorrect item from a credit report for a month or two by sending a letter to the credit bureau. But often, the credit repair agency does not provide data showing that the item is actually incorrect. After a while, the credit bureau reinstates the item.

Their services are open-ended — Many people using credit repair agencies are caught in a vicious circle. Their credit ratings never improve and the money they send to credit repair agencies is money that can’t be used to pay down debts.

They charge high fees — Some credit repair agencies charge up to $100 per month or more for their services. For many people, the cost vastly exceeds the value of the services they receive.

They are not lawyers — A credit repair agency has no recourse if a credit bureau has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. On the other hand, Sanders Law Group is a law firm with experienced attorneys that can advise you of your legal options, and if necessary, initiate action against the offending bureau at no cost to you.

Have Attorneys on Your Side Fighting for Your Rights

Sanders Law Group can handle all aspects of your case without a significant commitment of time and effort on your part. For a free consultation, call us at (800) 979-3707 or contact us online.

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